With 48 years of established connections with numerous timber mills across the country, HWM Ltd boasts an extensive network that enables us to stock a diverse range of timber products. From hardwoods to softwoods, and everything in between, we ensure our inventory meets the highest quality standards while offering competitive prices. Our longstanding relationships with these mills not only guarantee the availability of a wide selection of timber but also provide us with the ability to source specialty products to meet the unique needs of our customers. Trust in HWM Ltd for reliable access to premium timber products backed by decades of industry experience and strong supplier relationships.

HWM Ltd can often source specialty timbers for your one-off projects. Call to discuss your requirements today.

  • Rough Sawn timber
  • Premium Dressing Grade Timber
  • Framing Timber
  • Hard to Source Timbers
  • Paslode/Brad Supplies
  • Screws/Drives/Bitt Supplies
  • Staples and Straight Brads
  • Glues/Bonds/Fillers
  • Castors

Not all product is listed, please call to discuss your requirements.

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